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There is always a discussion amongst internet marketers about the merits of both paid and free traffic. Some swear by free, organic traffic and will use nothing else, while others will never consider using anything but paid for traffic with guaranteed clicks.

I have used both forms of traffic myself and I can tell you that the free and paid sources equally have their pros and cons.

Like many new marketers who stumble into the business when searching for something to supplement their inadequate incomes, I began with a restricted budget which inevitably led me down the free traffic path to begin with.

After gaining more experience and increased income, I started using more paid traffic, simply because I could, and I found it to be more reliable, predictable and scalable.

Whenever new or would be marketers ask for my opinion on free versus  paid traffic, my answer is simple. Free traffic works just fine, but as you know, nothing is really free in this life. You have to pay with your time. Free traffic generally requires a lot of time and effort on your part doing things from clicking on ads to creating videos, articles and such like.

If your budget permits, then you can short-cut all that grind by paying for someone else to do the hard work for you. The traffic will be more targeted, more reliable and therefore deliver faster results.

Whether your traffic is organic (free) or paid for, if it is also made up exclusively of people who have recently bought a product, then this is some of the best traffic you can ask for. This is buyer traffic. These are people who have shown that they are willing to use that credit card for products in your niche and the odds are that they will be willing to do so again and again. Buyer traffic is like gold dust.

I have been testing a source of buyer traffic for about 7 months now and it is ridiculously cheap because it breaks down to 3 cents per click which is far far cheaper than a solo ads campaign that cost an average of $0.50 a click and with no guarantee that they are buyers.

I set it up once, 7 months ago and it has been running in the background automatically without me doing anything else so far.

To date I have received 2,552 clicks with many confirmed opt-ins.

This traffic source is called Click Engine and it costs just $4.90 a month plus an optional one time investment of $14.90 to double the traffic.

So, if you generally struggle to get traffic and opt-ins, then you could do a lot worse than tap into this steady flow of traffic with a free offer in the "make money online" niche.

You sign up for just $4.90 a month. There is an optional upgrade that costs $14.90 - a one time payment that lets you add an extra link so doubles your traffic. This makes sense to get.

Then you (and every other of the thousands of Click Engine customers) will get a daily email from Click Engine with a link in it. That link will go to other member's offers.

Why would you click it? Because  Click Engine is  regularly adding new promo codes that you can find in the rotator,  that will get you solo ads, banner ads and bonus traffic packages from other traffic sites. Every day 3 ACTIVE member's websites are highlighted in the daily email. That is the potential for awesome additional exposure for your site to all members. There used to be a random draw of the people who had clicked for regular cash prizes, but I am not sure if this has been discontinued at this time.  

So, all of the people are buyers - they all bought Click Engine - all are clicking links and, if they see an offer that they like the look of, they opt-in.

If you want to give Click Engine a look, just use the BUTTON below.

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