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Hello there it's Jerry David here with a review of 'Send Your Mails' and during this review I'll be giving you a quick run through of exactly what it does.

So 'Send Your Mails' is the latest release by prolific product creator Dawud Islam with his launch partner Julie Templeton.

Dawud Islam is the owner of many mailer sites that he uses to churn out thousands and thousands of free traffic.

'Send Your Mails' promises that you will get access to 15 secret sites that you can join and send emails from without needing to build a list of your own.

You will also be able to Mail up to 500 thousand people a day with this method, which he says is one of the best kept secrets in the affiliate marketing world.

Also you will be able to send 5 super solo ads to over 30,000 members across Dawud's own 25 sites in the Make Money Niche.

I'll let Dawud explain exactly what it's all about as he probably knows a little more about it than I do

The fact is that if you want to succeed in internet marketing, you must have an email list, it is one of, if not THE MOST import thing you need. You must have heard the saying "THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST"...WELL IT IS TRUE.

'Send Your Mails' is a very good option if you fancy building your own Email list without having to spend a ton of money on Solo Ads or the like. The average cost of Solos are about $100 for a 100 clicks right now, so if your budget is tight then 'Send Your Mails' could be right down your street.

If this is something that interests you then simply CLICK HERE to purchase it through my link.

Let's take a look at the rest of the sales funnel for this product now.

The first OTO you will be offered is the option to upgrade to the PRO version.
With the PRO version you will discover an additional 50 sites where you can send emails from TODAY. Plus you will also get FREE VIP MEMBERSHIP at all 25 of Dawud's own sites in the Make Money Online niche, valued at $64 at every site - so worth $1600 in total.

The second OTO gives you the chance to Get access to Dawud's high ticket course "THE ELITE ACADEMY". You will Learn everything about this business with a combination of recorded and face to face lessons. It Includes membership of an Exclusive Facebook Group.

With OTO 3 you get Reseller rights to 'Send Your Mails' You may sell it as if it was your own product and keep 100% of the commissions across the entire funnel. The price is only $47, which is ridiculously low for reseller rights to a product. And I'll let you in on a little secret, if you refuse the initial offer you will be offered a downsell offer for only $27. In fact this is true for all the OTO offers in this funnel. Just say 'NO THANKS' to each every OTO and you will be offered the same deal at a reduced price. I shouldn't really be telling you that bit of insider information...but, hey!

Remember If this is something that interests you then simply CLICK HERE to purchase it through my link.

OTO 4 gives you the chance to receive DONE FOR YOU CAMPAIGNS each and every week with a Done For You bonus page with review video, product demo and ten custom bonuses delivered for you. It does require that you have Commission Gorilla because the pages are delivered as Commission Gorilla share codes.

OTO 5 costs $37 or downsells at $17. You can join the Executive Club Get notified at least a week before the launch of all new releases by Dawud. You will get a review copy of the product and guaranteed approval. You will even get 100% commissions on the front end. Get ahead of the game and plan your campaigns early for maximum effect. If you would like to promote Dawud's products as an affiliate with 50% commissions, then I recommend you buy this OTO as it will save you a lot of preparation and research, and it only costs $17.

The final OTO is Elite Tigers Group, Global Ambassador Programme at $597. You get a huge range of benefits including 10% profits (with no financial outlay) on a future Elite Tigers Group product launch, your lead magnet giveaway included in the members area of all past and future product launches + his 25 MMO websites, 100% front end commissions on all his products plus lots more.

Dawud has also provided some bonuses to go with this launch and they are as follows:

Eagle Emails
Learn all the correct tactics and tricks for email marketing.

Tigers Traffic
Learn 10 FREE methods for getting unlimited free traffic on tap.

The 7 Deadly Sins
Of Email Marketing
Make sure you know what NOT to do when sending emails.

How To Build
A Squeeze Page
An easy way for newbies to cheaply build unlimited squeeze pages.

5 Killer Lead Magnets
The best things to give away when building your list.

So that's my review of Dawud Islam's 'Send Your Mails' which was launched on March 11.

It is a useful way for newbies on restricted budgets to get going and start building a list and making commissions. Mailers, safelists and traffic exchange traffic is not for everyone but it works and is the way that many marketers (myself included) launched their businesses. So if this is something that interests you then simply CLICK HERE to purchase it through my link.

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